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Breanna Wood

Mentoring Toolkit


About Me

My name is Breanna Wood, and I am from San Angelo, Texas. I started learning sign language in high school but became oriented in the Deaf community in 2015. Around this time, I met an amazing interpreter who agreed to be my mentor, and I decided to change my college major to ASL/English Interpreting.

I attended Valdosta State University, where I completed my Bachelor's in ASL/English Interpreting online in 2018. Before graduating, I worked as a pre-certified interpreter, observed my mentor in pre-approved work environments, and passed the BEI Test of English Proficiency (TEP). After graduation, I passed the BEI Basic Performance Exam and became a certified interpreter in the state of Texas.  

I own an interpreter agency (Hands Up Interpreting and Consulting, LLC) and contract with several companies in the West Texas area to provide quality interpreting services. My company also offers community ASL classes, an annual ASL camp, and partners with Howard College San Angelo to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for ASL classes. 

I have hosted workshops, taught community ASL classes, and interpreted in various settings, including educational (K-12 and postsecondary), religion, mental health, paralegal, healthcare, and community.

I am currently attending the University of North Florida and will graduate with a Master of Science in ASL/English Interpreting in May of 2023. I plan on taking the CASLI Generalist Knowledge exam soon. 

Online Studies

Purpose of the Mentoring Toolkit

The purpose of this mentoring toolkit is to provide a comprehensive list of both professional and personal resources that can be used in a mentoring environment. Here, you will find sample forms, activities, resources (books, articles, meetings), information about the Deaf community and the interpreting world, my mentoring philosophy, and much more.

Interpreting Information

Mentoring/Tutoring Information

Mentoring in Practice


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